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Sustainable Development in Aroma-Phytotherapy

Sustainable Development in Aroma-Phytotherapy: A Shared Responsibility Among All Stakeholders

Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is a broad concept. In French aromatherapy, the idea of aromathérapie responsable (responsible aromatherapy) is gaining ground. Although the word “responsible” suggests the notion of ecology, sustainable development encompasses other aspects.

Naming the various dimensions of sustainable development allows to make sustainable choices and evaluate their impact.

A precise formulation is also a prerequisite for addressing economic, social, and ecological issues at a societal level.

The aromatherapist is not exempt from this consideration. Aroma-phytotherapy has no future unless all stakeholders recognize respect for humans and nature as fundamental values. For example: choosing a natural product, throughout the entire logistics chain, does not necessarily represent a sustainable act. If acquiring a natural product depletes resources without consideration for their natural regeneration, damages ecosystems, reduces biodiversity, or exploits workers in unfair conditions, such commerce seems doomed to failure.

10 Pillars of a Sustainable Aroma-Phytotherapy

  1. commitment and active involvement (by companies and consumers)
  2. respect for stakeholders
  3. the protection of natural resources and ecosystems
  4. sustainable cultivation and harvesting methods
  5. biodiversity, the conservation status of plants
  6. fair trade
  7. engagement with and support for communities
  8. ethical marketing
  9. quality of products, education, publishing and practice
  10. transparency, traceability and authenticity


The notion of ethics is inseparable from sustainable development. Acting ethically encourages making choices regarding practically all aspects of family or professional aroma-phytotherapy.

How can the consumer-aromatherapist integrate an ethical choice into their purchasing decision?

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A French edition of the book will be published in Sept. 2024.